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At Daher Orthodontics in Calgary, our orthodontists believe every patient's story is distinct and unique, just like their smile. Meet our caring and friendly team of orthodontists. 

Dr. Sam Daher, Orthodontist in Calgary

 Dr. Sam Daher

Dr. Sam Daher is our principle orthodontist and founder of Daher Orthodontics! Dr. Daher is a certified orthodontist specializing in dentofacial orthopedics. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, travelling, weight training and spending time with his family.

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Dr. Mark Hamanishi, Orthodontist in Calgary

Dr. Mark Hamanishi

Dr. Mark Hamanishi is our primary orthodontist at our Marlborough Mall location in Calgary. In his free time, Dr. Hamanishi is an avid distance runner, enjoys playing soccer and volleyball, and enjoys visiting the Calgary zoo with his wife and daughter.

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Dr. Alexis David, Orthodontist in Calgary

Dr. Alexis David

Dr. David is our newest orthodontist at our Bankers Hall location in Calgary. When he is not practicing, he can be found spending time with his three daughters, teaching them how to downhill ski.

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