OrthoPulse® Light Accelerated Treatment

At Daher Orthodontics in Calgary, we are pleased to offer our patients OrthoPulse® at both our Downtown and Marlborough Mall locations. OrthoPulse is a light accelerated appliance to assist with your clear aligners or braces treatment. 

Accelerate Your Treatment with OrthoPulse

At Daher Orthodontics, we may recommend OrthoPulse technology to our patients to aid in their clear aligners or braces treatment plan. OrthoPulse is an FDA-cleared, intraoral medical device designed to assist in your clear aligners or braces treatment.

OrthoPulse Provider in Calgary, Daher Orthodontics

How does OrthoPulse technology work?

OrthoPulse works by inserting a mouthpiece around your braces or clear aligners. We recommend that you wear the device for 20 minutes every day.

OrthoPulse uses light-emitting 'bone healing' arrays to encourage tooth movement and assists in bone remodelling to aid in your orthodontic treatment. This application of light also helps the body to heal and reduce pain and inflammation.

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