Clear Aligners at Daher Orthodontics

At our two convenient locations in Marlborough Mall and Downtown Calgary, we are proud to offer clear aligners for adults and teens as an orthodontic treatment!

At Daher Orthodontics, your straighter smile is our priority – and we're very happy to help you learn more to see if clear aligners are right for you.

Our Calgary team will go above and beyond to ensure that you have all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Clear Aligner Services in Calgary, Daher Orthodontics

About Clear Aligners

We offer our patients clear, removable orthodontic aligners to help achieve a straighter smile. 

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Aligners For Adults

Clear aligners are a discreet option for adults to straighten your teeth with minimal disruptions to your routines.

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Aligners For Teens

Clear aligners for teens work to straighten your teenagers smile, without disrupting their life.

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Clear Aligner Features

Clear custom orthodontic aligners offer a variety of features for busy adults and teens in Calgary.

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Treatable Cases

To determine if clear aligners are right for you, your orthodontist will complete an assessment of your smile.

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Payment Calculator

Use our payment calculator to calculate payments associated with the cost of clear aligners.

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Treatment Process

Learn what to expect during the treatment process if you choose clear aligners. 

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Itero 3D Scanner

The iTero 3D scanner takes a digital impression of your smile, to design your clear aligners. 

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OrthoPulse is a light accelerated appliance to assist with your clear aligners or braces treatments. 

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