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May 15th - Join us for World Orthodontic Day!

Join us at Daher Orthodontics in Marlborough for our open house celebration in honour of World Ortho Day on May 15th! Enjoy some refreshments, have your very own smile analysis and pick up some Daher swag! 

What is World Ortho Day at Daher Orthodontics?

Drop into Daher Orthodontics on Tuesday, May 15th for our World Ortho Day celebration. Learn more about Invisalign® technology and receive a personal Smile Assessment from Dr. Hamanishi! While you’re here, tour our office, meet our friendly team, discover Orthopulse® assisted treatment options, and pick up your very own Daher Swag items! Plus, see a real 3D picture of what your smile could look like following Invisalign with our Smile Simulation technology. 

Daher Marlborough Mall
433 Marlborough Way NE #550

Daher Orthodontics is in Marlborough Mall on the 5th floor. Have a few minutes? Drop in a pick up your Daher Swag! Have a little bit longer? Book your very own personal Invisalign Smile Assessment! 

Thursday, November 30th
7:30 - 3:30 PM

On Tuesday May 15th we will be opening our doors from 7:30 am through 3:30 pm. Pop by before work on on your coffee break. Share a smile and bring a friend or family member! 

What can you can expect
Guest Perks!

  • Have a personal Invisalign® Smile Assessment with Dr. Hamanishi and see what your smile could look like following treatment
  • Tour our office, meet our friendly team & Invisalign® rep
  • Discover Orthopulse® assisted treatment options
  • And pick up Daher Swag!

Invisalign Day, Daher Orthodontics in Calgary

Summer Selfies Contest, Daher Orthodontics in Calgary

Personal Smile Assessment
Simulated Treatment Outcomes

Schedule your personal smile assessment with Dr. Hamanishi. During your assessment we will use our iTero scanner to take a complete 3D picture of your smile. This allows us to help predict what your smile could look like following treatment. We can display this simulated outcome for your in real time!


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